Moving Is For The Birds

I am in the process of moving and still have furniture at the old house and bits and pieces of unmatched stuff at the new house. While I feel somewhat settled into our new place (no matching furniture aside) I am dreading the rest of the move when we bring everything from a bigger house to a smaller house. I believe every Realtor should move every 5 years. How much stuff do I really need? Why do we have that container of containers? Will I really use those dinosaur towels I had in college?


Don’t get me wrong, I love helping my clients move. Finding the house, negotiating the deal, walking them through tough situations, going with them to closing…absolutely love it! The physical part is never something I have to deal with when I am not the person moving from one place to another. While I am still in the process of moving the rest of my stuff, I am getting along just fine. Maybe once my bedroom set arrives I can donate the rest of the stuff to charity because I have lived just fine here without it…Hmmm. It’s definitely something to consider.